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Imperfect Pathways - Jane Nady owner - ADHD Coach - Resilience

Imagine igniting a spark in your audience, a fire to overcome challenges and a determination to unlock their true potential.

As a speaker with a unique blend of professional expertise and lived experience, I do just that.

As a:

  • Former First Responder

  • Former Suicide Prevention Coordinator for the Iowa National Guard

  • Educator

  • Suicide Survivor

  • Mental Health Advocate

  • Business Owner

  • Human Behavior Expert

  • Master Certified Mindset & Resilience Coach

who has personally navigated adversity and emerged stronger, I combine my background in mental health advocacy, education, and training with the raw power of personal triumph to deliver impactful presentations on resilience, mindset shifts, and mental well-being. Don't just inspire your audience, equip them with the tools they need to truly thrive.

Statistically, I shouldn't even be alive. 

This powerful statement, delivered with honesty and vulnerability, resonates deeply with audiences. My story of overcoming adversity is woven into my presentations, not just to inspire, but to illustrate the practical tools and techniques I share.


When I take the stage, your audience won't just listen – they'll be deeply inspired, profoundly impacted, and leave driven to take meaningful action.

Jane Nady - CEO Panel - Urbandale Iowa Chamber of Commerce
Jane Nady - First Responder Conference - Peer Support Foundation

Empower Your Audience: Inspiring Keynote Speeches That Spark Growth and Evoke Action

Jane Nady - Speaker - Key note speaker

In a noisy world, my voice ignites change. Vulnerability fuels strength, and challenges become stepping stones. My keynotes empower, leaving an imprint of inspiration. Adversity becomes opportunity. Let's unlock your potential together.

From Broken to Boss: Unleashing Your Limitless Potential

According to statistics, I shouldn’t be breathing. But here I am, thriving.

This isn't your average story of overcoming adversity. Jane Nady, a Master Certified Mindset & Resilience Coach, dives deep into her own experience battling eight mental health diagnoses and a near-death experience. It's a raw, honest exploration that shatters limitations and proves your potential is boundless.

Witness the power of resilience in action:

  • From Rock Bottom to CEO: Discover how Jane defied the odds and built a thriving business – an inspiring testament to the human spirit.

  • Unlocking Limitless Potential: Learn practical strategies to overcome self-doubt, reframe challenges, and unleash the unstoppable force within you.

  • Mindset Shifts for Massive Action: Master the power of your thoughts and embrace a growth mindset that propels you towards your dreams.

This keynote is more than just a story; it's a call to action. If Jane Nady can achieve success against all odds, so can you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Redefine what's possible: Learn to see limitations as stepping stones and unleash your limitless potential.

  • Embrace the power of your mind: Master your mindset and transform challenges into opportunities for growth.

  • Actionable strategies for resilience: Discover practical tools to overcome adversity and navigate life's obstacles with strength.

Jane Nady's story is an inspiration for anyone seeking to break free from self-doubt and achieve their full potential.

This keynote is perfect for:

  • Individuals seeking career advancement

  • Anyone struggling with self-doubt or mental health challenges

  • Leaders seeking to inspire and empower their teams

  • General audiences who want to unlock their limitless potential

Book Jane Nady today and ignite the fire within your audience!

Unlocking the Key to Business Success: Why Prioritizing Mental Health is Your Smartest Business Move

Are you a passionate entrepreneur drowning in stress and on the verge of burnout?

You're not alone.


Jane Nady, a Master Certified Coach who conquered her own mental health battles to build a successful business, knows the struggle firsthand. This powerful keynote isn't just about self-care; it's about survival. Did you know that unmanaged mental health is a key factor in many business failures? But what if you could stop being your own worst enemy and instead become the driving force behind your business's success?

This keynote equips you with the tools to do exactly that. Learn how to prioritize your mental well-being and increase your odds of success as a business owner.

Discover actionable strategies to:

  • Shatter the Burnout Cycle: Identify warning signs and develop a personalized self-care plan to prevent burnout before it derails your success.

  • Cultivate Unbreakable Resilience: Master your mindset, overcome setbacks, and bounce back stronger from challenges.

  • Build a Thriving Culture: Foster open communication, reduce stigma, and create a supportive work environment that empowers both you and your team.

Stop letting mental health hold you back. Invest in yourself and your business.

Walk away with the tools to:

  • Conquer the Entrepreneur's Rollercoaster: Master the mindset shifts needed to navigate the emotional ups and downs of building a business. Increase your odds of success. Learn to leverage challenges as opportunities for growth.

  • Become Burnout-Proof: Equip yourself with practical self-care strategies to maintain optimal well-being and avoid burnout, ensuring your long-term success.

  • Create a Dream Team: Foster a work environment that prioritizes mental health, reduces stigma, and empowers your team to thrive – creating a ripple effect of success.

Don't wait until burnout forces you to hit the brakes. Invest in your mental well-being and build a business that fuels your passion, not your stress. Book Jane Nady today!

Stop Sabotaging Your Success: Unleash Your Limitless Potential by Mastering Your Mindset

Are you tired of feeling like you don't belong or aren't good enough? Do feelings of inadequacy and imposter syndrome leave you questioning your abilities and stalling your progress? You're not alone.

This isn't just about self-help; it's about unlocking your true potential and achieving the success you deserve. Jane Nady, a Master Certified Mindset and Resilience Coach, Human Behavior Expert, & Mental Health Educator, who transformed their own limiting beliefs into a thriving career, presents this empowering keynote designed to shatter self-doubt and ignite your potential.

Here's why this keynote is a game-changer:

  • Unmask Your Hidden Saboteurs: Learn to identify the subtle signs your mindset is working against you. Uncover the thought patterns keeping you stuck in neutral and hindering your progress.

  • Conquer the Imposter Within: Understand the root causes of imposter syndrome and develop powerful strategies to silence its negativity. Stop feeling like a fraud and start embracing your worth.

  • Thrive with a Forward-Focused Mindset: Develop the tools to leverage challenges as stepping stones, propelling you forward towards your goals and unlocking a world of opportunity.

Walk away with the tools to:

  • Identify Your Self-Limiting Beliefs: Develop a keen awareness of the negative thought patterns that hold you back. Learn to recognize and challenge these limiting beliefs before they derail your progress.

  • Craft Powerful Affirmations: Develop personalized affirmations that empower and motivate you, replacing self-doubt with unwavering belief in your abilities.

  • Develop a Forward-Focused Mindset Toolkit: Discover practical strategies to cultivate a mindset of growth and opportunity, increasing resilience in the face of setbacks and propelling you toward success.

  • Silence Your Inner Critic: Learn to manage self-criticism and negative self-talk, transforming your internal dialogue into a source of support and encouragement.

This keynote is perfect for:

  • Ambitious Professionals

  • Individuals Battling Self-Doubt

  • Business Owners or Entrepreneurs

  • Aspiring Achievers

  • Empowering Educators

Don't let self-doubt dim your brilliance any longer. Invest in yourself and unleash your limitless potential. Book this impactful keynote today and watch your life transform!

Empowering First Responders & Military Service Members with Life-Changing Resilience

They answer the call, facing danger head-on. But who equips them to face the emotional battle within?

Jane Nady, a Master Certified Mindset & Resilience Coach, former Fire/EMS worker, and Suicide Prevention Coordinator for the Iowa National Guard, understands the unseen challenges our heroes face. This powerful keynote dives deep into the impact of trauma, explores critical suicide prevention strategies, and equips attendees with the tools they need to build unbreakable resilience.

This isn't a surface-level talk. Here's what your heroes will gain:

  • Battle-tested strategies to manage stress and cultivate unshakeable emotional well-being.

  • Life-changing tools to overcome adversity and navigate the unique challenges they face.

  • Become a pillar of support: Foster a supportive environment for your colleagues and learn how to identify and intervene in crisis situations.

  • Community support and resources: Learn about available resources and strategies for creating a culture of support and mental health advocacy.

Together, let's honor their service by creating a transformational shift. We'll build a culture of impenetrable resilience and unwavering solidarity – ensuring our heroes not only survive, but thrive.

This keynote is perfect for:

  • First responders (police, firefighters, paramedics)

  • Military service members & veterans

  • Emergency Care Teams

  • Crisis Workers

  • Mental health professionals & organizations working with these populations

It is time to invest in those who protect our communities, friends and families. Book today!

Featured Speaking Engagements

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 Additional topics available delivered with   emphasis on 
 empowerment & transformation 


Unlock your inner potential and take control of your life.

Mastering Your Mindset


Harness the power of your thoughts to shape your reality.

Mastering  Mental Wellness  in a Helping Career:


Bust burnout, prevent compassion fatigue & other effects of working in a helping career field. 

Mental Health Awareness, Education & Advocacy:


Break the stigma and build a supportive community.


Cultivate the strength to bounce back from life's obstacles.

Emotional Intelligence

Enhance relationships and navigate emotions effectively.

Personal Growth

Continuously evolve and become the best version of yourself.

Woman Entrepreneurship


Empowering women to succeed in business.

Who Benefits?

Our speaking services cater to a diverse range of audiences, including:

  • Students: Empowering the leaders of tomorrow.

  • Businesses: Enhancing workplace mental health and productivity.

  • Nonprofits: Promoting well-being and resilience within the community.

  • Educators: Equipping educators with tools for student success.

  • First Responders: Supporting those who serve with mental health awareness.

  • Military Service Members: Fostering resilience and post-service transition.

  • Women Business Owners: Empowering women in the world of entrepreneurship.

  • Parents: Providing insights for raising resilient children.

  • Caregivers: Offering support and self-care strategies.

  • Emergency Staff: Addressing the mental health challenges of emergency responders

or anyone seeking
empowerment and personal growth.
Jane Nady from Imperfect Pathways speaking at an event.
Jane Nady from Imperfect Pathways speaking at an event.
Jane Nady from Imperfect Pathways speaking at an event.
Jane Nady from Imperfect Pathways speaking at an event.
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