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I feel prior to the ASIST training, if I would have encountered someone planning suicide, I would have tried to help but I may not have been effective. I now feel confident, that I can save a life after participating in the training.

ASSIST Training

I was all over the place before coming to Imperfect Pathways. I was able to narrow my focus and start making progress after just a few sessions. It has impacted my life more than I thought possible.

The support I needed!

I went into to this apprehensive at first. I was referred by a friend that had worked with Jane before. I was surprised by how comfortable I became in the first session! Trust me you will see change!

Surprisingly Comfortable!

Before meeting Jane, I had not heard of a Mindset Coach. Honestly, if you would have told me to go to one, I would have ignored you, but I am so glad I met her! This has completely changed my life!

Life Changing!
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