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At Imperfect Pathways, we believe there's no greater testament to our work than the real results our clients experience. Don't just take our word for it— read on to see the impact Imperfect Pathways has made in the lives of our clients.
"Before working with Imperfect Pathways, I was a very anxious person, I constantly felt overwhelmed and I needed to change my mindset with how I thought about myself and everyday life conflicts. Jane helped me get to a point where I’m able to live my life with very low anxiety and take on everyday with a positive outlook.  I have completely changed my mindset. She has made me feel empowered, strong and fearless.
Jane makes you feel safe and comfortable right off that bat. She was the first consultation I had with a mindset coach and I knew after the first session she was going to be someone I can trust, feel safe with, and comfortable sharing my life events with. I trust her input and she has given me so many tools to handle my anxiety. She gives me growth work to do at my own pace and this has helped me tremendously on how I approach my thinking of everyday life and about myself, as well as calm my anxiety. I never thought I could be a person who would be able to live with low to no anxiety because I’ve been high functioning my entire life but Jane is a miracle worker and has completely changed my life in the best way!"
- Madison

Alexa Young, CA

Listen as one client bravely shares their experience with Imperfect Pathways

I feel prior to the ASIST training, if I would have encountered someone planning suicide, I would have tried to help but I may not have been effective. I now feel confident, that I can save a life after participating in the training.

ASSIST Training

I was all over the place before coming to Imperfect Pathways. I was able to narrow my focus and start making progress after just a few sessions. It has impacted my life more than I thought possible.

The support I needed!

I went into to this apprehensive at first. I was referred by a friend that had worked with Jane before. I was surprised by how comfortable I became in the first session! Trust me you will see change!

Surprisingly Comfortable!

Before meeting Jane, I had not heard of a Mindset Coach. Honestly, if you would have told me to go to one, I would have ignored you, but I am so glad I met her! This has completely changed my life!

Life Changing!
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