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Stop Living a Life You Think You Deserve

Person pushing a boulder up a hillside

Yes, you read that correctly. Stop living a life you think you deserve. Why? When it comes to what’s in our best interest, we have a tendency to sell ourselves short. We stick to what is comfortable instead of taking a risk. So when it comes to our own thoughts about what we deserve or what we can accomplish, our outlook is rather skewed.

One reason our thoughts are so skewed is because of the filter we have in place in which we view ourselves. The filter is clouded by outside opinion and judgment. We carry the past, our experiences and people's input around with us everywhere we go. We allow it to shape our thoughts and ideas about who we are and what we are capable of accomplishing. This is what we often use to determine what we “deserve.” Because it is an idea we determine based on outside sources, it is unfounded and frankly a complete lie. We feel if we stay with in the confines of the limits placed by others, we will not fail or be judged. We view it as a place of comfort and safety. Sometimes people will remain within these limits living completely miserable just to “avoid” ridicule or judgement by others or even themselves.

How many times have you stopped something you were saying or doing, changed the way you dressed or the interests you had based on an outside opinion? Most of us have, and for some , have done so multiple times. We are human, we want to fit in. We want to belong.

However, in that desire to belong, we fall into a trap of limits. We pull back our drive, passion and potential, all so we can blend in with those around us. For some, the trap bounds them to living up to the expectations of family or others and their version of what “our best” looks like.

Person sitting on a mountain enjoying the view.

Well, no more. No more living within the limits of other's opinions or expectations. No longer allow outside expectations to dictate what your journey should look like or where it ends.

Start by identifying the goal you think is the highest you can achieve. Take all the steps necessary to reach that goal. Once you reach it, push even further and watch how far you can go just by taking another step forward. Your goal is not a permanent destination. They are not stopping points. View your goal as a target and know beyond that is another target.

Life is about continuous growth and abundant experiences. Live the one life you are given to its fullest. Stop placing limits on yourself. Dig down deep and grab hold of the courage you know is in there and demolish the confines in which you have been existing. Life is about continuing to grow, testing your limits and experiencing all you can while here on this Earth. You are brave enough, smart enough and strong enough to conquer anything, so go out there and start truly living. Jane Nady Imperfect Pathways


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