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Meet HEather

The heart and soul of Imperfect Pathways.


With over 25 years of triumphant sobriety under her belt, she knows firsthand the power of resilience and personal growth. Her journey, marked by overcoming addiction and childhood trauma, fuels her unwavering passion for mental health advocacy.

Before joining Imperfect Pathways, Heather was a certified medical assistant in a medical office, where she witnessed the crucial intersection of physical and mental well-being. Her background in healthcare only deepened her commitment to mental health as she understood the profound impact it has on every individual's life.

What truly lights up Heather's day is seeing clients embark on their own imperfect pathways. She finds immense joy in watching them choose a journey of self-discovery and healing. As our Office Manager, she is the warm, empathetic face that welcomes you, and her dedication to creating a safe and inclusive space is unparalleled.

She embodies much of what Imperfect Pathways stands for. She too has first hand experience with childhood trauma, addiction (25 years sober), a parent to 2 sons with ADHD and an advocate for mental health. Because of her personal experience she understands the courage it takes to reach out and seek support, so she makes sure to make your initial contact one of compassion and support. 

With her wealth of life experience and professional expertise, Heather embodies Imperfect Pathways' mission to end the stigma surrounding mental health and welcome ALL to the Imperfect Pathways family. 

Heather, Office Manager at Imperfect Pathways.
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